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one year and then some… November 30, 2006

Posted by jennimi in about me, blogging, library.

old jennimi

It’s been a busy month for jennimi, so busy a certain one year anniversary was passed by. A stream of consciousness blog originated primarily to let my friends and fam know what I was listening to is just over a year old this month. Things are a bit different around here now. So, it seems one of the blogworld things to do… celebrate a blogoversary with some reflections. And tho there are some blogworld things I probably won’t do (like empty memes) there are many that seem quite fine.

jennimi began at Blogger with a nice earthy brown border and lots of album art (which, unfortunately, didn’t make the import to WordPress; I wasn’t using flickr at the time… was uploading to Google). I had been ignorant of blogs. They bugged me a bit. Who wants to read someone’s rants or opinions? As an LIS grad student trying to find information for projects, blogs coming up in searches annoyed and scooped up valuable time. Still there were a few I began to monitor (they call it lurking, a term I despise) and I started to respect the medium for what it was is: simply put, an easy way to publish online and form cyber relationships. The latter is key. If it were just for my own amusement, why would I publish online? After reading this article I began to entertain the serious idea that librarians should be blogging, and awkwardly started jennimi on a late Friday night (while I was supposed to be doing homework – how ironic). A couple months later a professor allowed me to turn in assignments via a blog and I started Library Matters. I eventually moved to WordPress for the compose and category features, though I still miss having free access to my template (oh and Dear WordPress, please enable a tagcloud feature for categories so I don’t have to do it through Technorati).

Over the next few months I’d experiment with the template, badges, technorati, my voice, capitol letters vs. lower case, longer posts, and subjects other than my addiction to power pop and indie. I got a bunch of friends blogging, made new ones, found interesting resources, kept at it. I learned much from other bloggers and friends, both in terms of what I liked about what they did and what I didn’t like. In less than a year I was speaking about blogging at a library conference and even presenting about web 2.0 at an interview (didn’t get the job, but it would seem they were inspired by some of my ideas!).

It’s been an interesting endeavor. Sometimes it sucks me in and I have to leave for awhile to get things done. Sometimes I absolutely love it. But always I am cognizant of the fact that I am, in my tiny tiny lower case j way, participating in the web’s creation, not just observing or reacting to it. I also have begun to see how this process allows librarians to reach out to more people with our knowledge, curiosity, problem solving urges, welcoming spirit, and information organizing ways. It allows us to learn from one another, and to give everyone a look into the diverse world of the librarian – once stereotyped as prudish and cold. I try to be as warm and welcoming as possible here – to bring a human touch to the digital world. Same way I’d be at a reference desk or in a classroom. Blogging has truly helped me see what an exciting time it is to be a librarian. My sincere gratitude for anyone who has dropped by, subscribed, and especially participated by commenting. And to my fam and friends who’ve stuck by me through all the info posts and reflections (such as this one) waiting patiently for the next bit of tunes on my list, I can’t thank you enough. I’ve run into a bit of a dry period with new music (stuck on Beck, as you know), so please, send me YOUR recommendations. :) jennimi13 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Funny that my very first post was a hint of tagging. I was occupied with learning the “hows” and chose a bit of subject analysis to make things quick. Much to me bruther’s chagrin. And the terms were faceted, no less. Finally, some of my most favorite and inspirational blogs:

Washtublibrarian – librarian, noise artist, nerd, scholar

Off the Mark – librarian, student, life enthusiast, unafraid to be personal

Tame the Web – the blog that made it legit, for me. and the nicest guy in liblogsville

librarian.net – an inspiration, come with questions and leave with answers

theory.isthereason – I once called him bloguru and he humbly declined the monaker. Too bad. He’s supported and informed me for a year, all because I asked. Thanks Inju.


1. Christopher Harris - November 30, 2006

A great way to find some new music is to take music you already love (well, non-classical music at least) and build a custom station on http://www.pandora.com. Pandora looks at the “genome” of the artist or song you initially submit and then attempts to provide a station that plays other, similar music. You can then rate songs to influence the direction of your station.
For actual music, I have been getting in to nerdcore hiphop. On the lighter – i.e. less geeky – side is MCLars, but if you are feeling brave and don’t mind a bit of “language” I would recommend going a bit further into the underground for MC Frontalot (http://frontalot.com/) or YTCracker (http://www.ytcracker.com). There are a number (like five or six ) nerdcore albums available for free download at http://www.rhymetorrents.com. For more information or additional links to other sites, a great place to start is the Wikipedia
article on nerdcore at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nerdcore_hip-hop. mtvU’s new show with Kevin Smith, Sucks Less, also featured a review of one of the leaders of the genre, MC Chris (http://www.mtvu.com/on_mtvu/sucks_less/episode1.jhtml).

2. jennimi - November 30, 2006

Chris, once again thanks so much for visiting! Fabulous suggestions and I can’t wait to check out new nerdcore. I’ve written before about how much j’adore le pandore (especially in comparison with LastFM)… but you’re right… it’s a great product and an excellent resource. I tend, however, to remain old school on music recomends: I like them to come from people. They end up working out for me (though iTunes store often does not disappoint) That’s why I trade mixtapes, that’s why I ask friends what they’re into, that’s why I shop at my local record store. But I must admit Pandora has pleased on more than one occasion.
Thanks, too, for suggesting a Wikipedia article. Wikipedia has gotten such a bad rap, but I find it to be a great starting point for many things. I’m not going to encourage it as an exclusive resource for college level papers, but I love it for music, media, pop culture, etc., and when sources are cited as part of an article.

3. Kevin - December 1, 2006

Jenn, Happy blog anniversary! Frankly speaking I didn’t do much to help you at all… it was really your own doing. Still, I appreciate the powers you’ve given me, especially in terms of preserving my reputation in times of darkness. :)

Don’t know why, but lately my ETC colleague and I have been hooked on Last.fm ever since they gave more control to users in their player. Pandora is logical, while Last.fm is social, but both work equally well.

4. Mark - December 1, 2006

Congrats on the anniversary and year of growth, Jenn!

I’ll try to get better about the music for you. Music is very important to me also and I have shared a lot with others, but I’m having some personal music issues of late. Maybe not as bad as word issues in the big scheme, but big enough to be seriously fussing with me lately. [We can continue this in another venue if you like, Jenn. And I just may.] I also haven’t had a lot of time for serious music listening lately.

I mentioned Wikipedia in a good light (for pop culture) last night in a reply to Ben’s comment at my post, Movies, movies, movies.

Again, congrats! I guess I ought to try Last.fm and Pandora, but I, too, prefer my recommendations to come from people. People who know something about me; or more than “this artist was entered into a form.” But I love finding good, new-to-me, music.

Thanks for the kind words; I think they’ll make a nice epitaph some day. ;)

5. washtublibrarian - December 1, 2006

Hehe — again, thanks for the kind words! I just realized that I don’t know when my first post was…looking it up…August 10, 2005! Approaching my year-and-a-half as washtublibrarian. I had blogged a little bit on MySpace as I was awaiting the start of my LIS program (read my first post — a tiny blogroll of liblogs).

Silliness…I have enough trouble remembering anniversaries of real life events — I could never keep track of virtual ones! :)

6. jennimi - December 1, 2006

@ Kevin: And they say COM and LIS never collaborated! We have our ways of working together and forming our own networks. This makes me wish you and I had thought to do more of that… on a macro level.
I might just retry Last.FM. When I tried it the first time I preferred the ease of Pandora and the fact it opens in the Browser.. and that Mac-cie interface is yummy!
@Mark: Mixtape is almost ready and forthcoming. Can’t promise you’ll like it any more than a Pandora station, but it will be from an actual person. Thanks for your good wishes. I think we are both going through some Big Thoughts type stuff, but you are better at sharing it with your readers.
@Washtub: You mean I could have been bugging you about blogging while also bugging you about MySpace??? I still recall a certain conversation in SOI Lab that started with me not understanding MySpace (now, sadly declining in attractiveness due, in my opinion, to its new owner and the extra special spams and fake accounts) and ended with your unparalleled knowledge of film, most especially westerns. That was just over a year ago and what a ride. Congrats on all your successes over the last year and a half. And thanks so much for inspiring, informing, visiting, and commenting.

7. erin - December 1, 2006

Congrats on your blogoversary! :)

8. jennimi - December 1, 2006

@Erin: Thanks Erin!!!! The year went by way too fast! I wonder what I’ll be doing next year….

9. ChocoKAT - December 1, 2006

Happy Anniversary!!! I think the first anniversary is paper ironically.

10. jennimi - December 1, 2006

ChocoKAT! Great catch! Hah hah! No diamonds yet huh. hee.

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