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jennimi has moved!

The contents of this site have been moved to jennimi’s new home at jennimi.com. Please check it out if you’re interested, and thank you for visiting!

Please contact me at jenn@jennimi.com with any questions, or if you are having trouble finding something you were looking for here.

Here is a reprint of my last post at this location, originally posted February 7, 2007:

Pleased to meet me, again

Well friends, sorry to do this again, but jennimi is moving once more. Having just spent a yucky couple of days at home with the flu, I decided I’d use the time to try my hand at this hosting thing. Now that I have Spam Karma 2, I am hoping to have fewer problems with the nefarious. You can read more about it at my new About page if interested. There is still much to be done (links, pages, tagclouds, and other yummy plugins), and please let me know if you have any problems with pageloads or commenting. There are a few things not working that should be, but I am tired and it’s time to step away and regain my sanity. I seem to have good luck when I step away from a problem.

All posts have been moved over and all comments should be intact. I’ll gradually be closing this site down.

So, update those feeds and bookmarks, and as always, thank you all for reading. Since my new blog at http://jennimi.com/ is replacing this one, I couldn’t resist the title of this post. And I have a feeling I know which of you will get that.


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